Welcome to Whey Aye WI

We are a lively Women's Institute in Tyneside; our members enjoy learning new skills, listening to interesting speakers, having fun and meeting new friends. 

We've linked sausages, sword fenced, baked chelsea buns, planted garden pots, beaded ear rings, and charleston danced!

We've learnt about 'clean' eating, the origins of hooky mats, 'The People's Kitchen', and micro brewing!

An increasing number of women of all ages have been discovering what the WI can offer them, and what they can offer their local WI.

Whey Aye WI is currently full and is not holding a waiting list; please consider other branches such as Gosforth Central WI, Jesmond WI or Newcastle East WI.

Have a look at our photos to see what we've been up to and check out this year's programme to see what we've got lined up.




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