We had a great time last night learning how to make foccacia bread. Here's the recipe so that you can have a go:

Vienna Bread

200g strong white flour
3g salt
1.25g milk powder
3g vit C powder (optional)
6g yeast
120g warm water (from tap, weighed)

(1) Mix all dry ingredients together
(2) Gradually add in all warm water
(3) Form into dough and knead for 15 - 20 mins. (You can't pver-knead by hand but can under-knead, which results in a heavy dough).
(4) Leave to rise until doubled in size

Foccacia Bread

Bread dough (from above)
Olive oil
Optional extra flavourings - cheese, pepper, olives, chilli purée, garlic, herbs, sundried tomatoes & rosemary

(1) Knock back and knead the dough
(2) Place onto chopping board and pour over olive oil
(3) Make cuts into dough and massage olive oil into dough. (Repeat this 3 times).
(4) Add in extra ingredients
(5) Place into round foil tray
(6) Leave to rise until doubled in size. (Place in top oven).
(7) Bake for 5 - 10 mins at 220° / gas mark 8.