In a change to the published topic, having been let down by Marble Slab Ice Cream, we had a fantastic talk last night on family history by Jenny McLean. It was fascinating hearing about how Jenny had researched her family and unearthed some secrets and mysteries along the way.

Jenny had brought along various documents from her family archives, including a receipt that her mum was given by the hospital when Jenny was born! It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘3 pound baby’!

She also showed us a gory coroner's report that appeared in the Newmarket Journal of an apparent suicide which happened in very suspicious circumstances in 1903. There were lots of little facts that made it seem more like murder and I could just imagine Miss Marple studying the report carefully and successfully cracking the case!

Some other interesting things that we found out were:

  • Weddings listed in the paper used to list all the guests and the presents they brought - potentially embarrassing!
  • In 1947 you could get a funeral for £28 complete with good oak coffin, hearse, bearers, 3 cars for mourners and burial fees!
  • Two great websites for family history are: and
  • Another top tip: go to the library and use for free!

Thanks so much to Jenny for coming along at short notice and giving us such an excellent talk!

Jenny with a lovely picture of her father