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Whey Aye WI has a committee of 7 members who work together to ensure the successful running of our WI.

Denise Fletcher and Catherine Thompson (not listed below) are members of our committee (awaiting profiles).


Joanne Patrick (President)

Hobbies: Walking in the Lake District and weekends away

Favourite cake: Banana and walnut cake

Best things about Whey Aye: Having so many opportunities to do different things.


Allison Underwood (Vice President) 

Hobbies: Running (more to keep fit than for enjoyment!), travel, current affairs, cakes (making them, eating them and decorating them)

Favourite cake: John Lewis fruit scones, most types of homemade cake and big cupcakes with butter icing washed down with an Americano!

Best thing about Whey Aye: Everything! We are a diverse group of women but the meetings are fun and interesting with some really talented women. The committee meetings always generate huge amounts of laughter too!


Deborah MacLeod (Secretary)

Hobbies: Reading, sewing and embroidery (at very basis levels!), eating out, organising things (!)

Favourite cake: Carrot cake (and Fondant Fancies!)

Best things about Whey Aye: Meeting new people who become WI friends and having a go at / listening to something different every month (WI is like doing lots of different night classes each year, its brilliant!)

Roz Turnbull (Treasurer)

Hobbies: Reading is my major hobby - reading about anything and everything. Walking our dog and doing my degree which is dominating my life at present!

Favourite cake: Home made carrot cake or banoffee pie - yum! Does pie count?

Best thing about Whey Aye: I like our WI because I've made new friends and together we do a varied amount of mad and unusual things we may not attempt or learn otherwise.

Celia Stewart (New Members Co-ordinator)

Hobbies: I love reading, going to the Theatre and cinema. I have recently taken up golf which whilst I am finding frustrating it is also totally addictive.

Favourite cake: My Mum's Chocolate Cake.

Best thing about Whey Aye: Getting to do things you wouldn't normally get the chance to do - like being shown how to wear a Sari or get invited to a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.


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