Programme for 2019

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Whey Aye WI is currently full and is not holding a waiting list; please consider other branches such as Gosforth Central WI, Jesmond WI or Newcastle East WI.

We meet on the 4th Tuesday of the month between 7.30pm and 9.30pm and our programme involves a variety of talks, demonstrations and activities.

The WI is a subscription organisation. An annual membership fee applies (£42.00 for 2019) plus a small monthly contribution at meetings of £1.50 for members / £3 for visitors which covers your tea/coffee/homemade cake (yum) and raffle ticket for a chance to win a quality prize! The distribution of the 2019 subscription is £20.50 to the WI, £9.80 to the Federation, and £11.70 to the National Federation of WIs (NFWI).  Pro-rata (quarterly) subscriptions apply for new members in their first year.

Tues 22nd Jan 

Sculptures; make a brooch using Powertex

Tues 26th Feb

Sing your heart out; have a go at community singing

Tues 26th March

Inspiring women; my career in Midwifery

Tues 23rd April

Amazing animals; Hearing Dogs for the Deaf 

Tues 28th May 

Annual Meeting; a review of our WI year and a talk on the work of the charity ‘Smart Works’

Tues 25th June


Local history; ‘Wicked Women of the North East’

Tues 23rd July


Craft workshop; make a Corn Dolly

Tues 27th Aug

Get to the point; acupuncture as a complementary or alternative medicine

Tues 24th Sept


Health-promoting exercise; have a go at Tai Chi 

Tues 22nd Oct


Cheese-making; the work and products of ‘The Cheese Farm’ at Blagdon

Tues 26th Nov 

It’s a wrap; how to wrap your Christmas gifts with creative flair


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